Collection history

In acquisition of collections and the further development of Azerbaijan Carpet Museum was attended by outstanding scientists of the country: academicians Rasim Efendiyev and Teymur Bunyadov, Honored Artist and the first director of the museum Aziz Aliyev, Doctors of Art History, professors Roya Taghiyeva and Kubra Aliyeva, Doctor of Historical Sciences Hasan Guliyev, Candidate of Art History Najiba Abdullayeva.

As a result, numerous research expeditions in different regions of Azerbaijan were enriched museum funds by items of material culture of the country. Here, were collected the Azerbaijani carpets, carpet items, and other kinds of crafts. The museum vault houses 10,139 exhibits and includes seven collections: “Pile Carpets”; “Flat-woven carpets”; “Carpet Products”; “Artistic metalwork”; “Ceramics, glass, wood, paper”; “Textile, costume, embroidery”; and “Jewelry”. The museum stores curiosities related to the Bronze Age, the Ancient Period, and the early Middle Ages, while the greater part of the collection dates back to the 17th to 20th centuries.