Exhibition The Touch, by the artist Lala Huseynova is open at the Azerbaijan National Carpet Museum

On March 6, solo exhibition The Touch by the artist Lala Huseynova opened at the Azerbaijan National Carpet Museum. The unique works are created with great inspiration and carry our national heritage from the past to the future, combining traditional carpet art with the modern forms of art, take the viewer on a journey to the mysterious world. Graphic works from the artist’s personal collection, Nihal Atsiz’s illustrations for the book Death of the Gray Wolves, as well as the rare carpets from the collection of the Azerbaijan National Carpet Museum are included in the exhibition.

The exhibition The Touch is an artistic expression of the millennia-long connection between nature and man, its magnificent unity and integrity. These artworks are an abstract presentation of the inner monologue of the four elements of nature – water, fire, air and earth, as well as the author’s limitless creative world, rich imagination, feelings and thoughts. The main source of inspiration for the compositions, which show the close interaction of a human with the environment are carpet motifs that have a deep philosophical meaning culturally and historically.

The exhibition will be on until March 12.