The Exhibition Everlasting National Heritage

On January 12, the Azerbaijan National Carpet Museum presented The exhibition Everlasting National Heritage, displaying up to 30 rare carpets, carpet products, embroidery, national costumes and precious jewellery, artistic metal and ceramic utensil samples of the 17th – 20th centuries, as well as the modern ones, conserved between 2022 and 2023 at the Conservation, Restoration and Prophylactic Control on Carpet and Decorative-Applied Art Department of ANCM. The presented artworks have been given the second breath in virtue of the extensive efforts of the professional conservators of the museum.

The Azerbaijan National Carpet Museum has become an influential scientific centre of the country in the field of conservation of carpets and other decorative and applied art representatives. Throughout the years, the museum has been carrying out the conservation of hundreds of exhibits to pass our national and cultural heritage to the following generations. Majority of these exhibits are on display at the Azerbaijan National Carpet Museum, others-at its Shusha Branch, and the rest are showcased at various exhibitions.

The master-class on textile conservation to be held on January 13, 16:00.

The exhibition will be on until January 21.